Java Apps 2016

To open them you need to have Java installed. You can download it here.
They are very basic, but functional.

Games I developed in 2015

Here I leave the games, which I did not promise. They were developed in 2015 with Unity3D.

Shoot Them!

This was probably the best game I have made so far. Try it out!
To play, use the left and right arrow keys and the space bar.
Each shot loses 5 points, each enemy destroyed gets 50 points.
Later on, I will restart the project and add new features, such as power-ups, menu options, etc…

Shoot them! 2015
Click here to play


And this was the 3rd GUI game I made.

It also needs some improvements, such as fixing the fact that the ball starts to fall, even when its trajectory is upwards.

To play, use the mouse, click to throw the ball

Have fun!

Tijolos 2015
Click here to play

Number Wizard

Neste jogo, se é que podemos chamar de jogo, pensas num número, e tens de escolher “se o número que pensaste é maior” (higher) “ou menor” (lower).
Ok, não me chateiem. Foi o meu primeiro “jogo” com interface gráfica…

Click here to play


Este foi o meu segundo jogo. Nada de especial. Já sabem: não reclamem, por favor.

Click here to play

DIY Recycling Bin

This was the January 2023 project. Although it is a DIY ecopoint, it is more attractive than the one I had before, a cardboard box with 3 bags.

It was made with a 60L plastic box, with a lid. I cut it 3 rectangular parts, each one for a plastic bag, for the waste, for the paper and another for the plastic. It doesn’t have one for glass, because here at home we don’t usually have glass bottles to recycle and when we do, they go directly to the recycling bin on the street.

DIY Recycling Bin

Recycle Bin for Coffee Capsules

This was the March 2022, 3rd week project. Just the mold took about 45 minutes to cut the letters. I conclude if I painted the box inside black instead white, it would match the coffee machine colors. Otherwise, it became cool.

Was made with 3mm MDF sheets and 12mm x 12mm wooden strips.

Arduino Antenna Analyser

This was a project I did at a workshop led by a fellow radio amateur.
It’s an arduino-based antenna analyzer with an AD9850, which is a VFO, CMOS device that uses “DDS” (Direct Digital Synthesis) and a VSWR bridge.

Analisador de Antena
Analisador de Antena

Dog House

Dog House with Air Conditioner


This dog house is a good idea, but it wouldn’t work, since the peltier wouldn’t generate  neither hot or cold enought to to keep a better temperatura inside. Even it could, it would consume too much energy.

Will be made of wood (still choosing which wood…) and also will have an air conditioner that have the functions of cold and hot air, reguled with a thermostat.

Casa para Cão Outra Perspetiva da Casa da Cadela Vista Ortogonal Frontal
Porta da Casa da Cadela Localização do Ar Condicionado Saida de Ar Quente ou Frio para o Interior

Components for the “Air Conditioner”

Main Module
(Peltier Plate with heatsinks and fans)Peltier
Termostat (STC-1000-12V)


12V Power Supply
Fonte de Alimentação

Link for the project made with FreeCAD: