Games I developed in 2015

Here I leave the games, which I did not promise. They were developed in 2015 with Unity3D.

Shoot Them!

This was probably the best game I have made so far. Try it out!
To play, use the left and right arrow keys and the space bar.
Each shot loses 5 points, each enemy destroyed gets 50 points.
Later on, I will restart the project and add new features, such as power-ups, menu options, etc…

Shoot them! 2015
Click here to play


And this was the 3rd GUI game I made.

It also needs some improvements, such as fixing the fact that the ball starts to fall, even when its trajectory is upwards.

To play, use the mouse, click to throw the ball

Have fun!

Tijolos 2015
Click here to play

Number Wizard

Neste jogo, se é que podemos chamar de jogo, pensas num número, e tens de escolher “se o número que pensaste é maior” (higher) “ou menor” (lower).
Ok, não me chateiem. Foi o meu primeiro “jogo” com interface gráfica…

Click here to play


Este foi o meu segundo jogo. Nada de especial. Já sabem: não reclamem, por favor.

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