Antennas of new QTH in Covilhã

Chnaged my location, and changed my antennas too… Here are my new antennas:

“G5RV Junior” for HF

“Diamond X-200” for VHF and UHF



Upgraded my License! From CR7AKG to CS7AKG…


Finnaly, and almost expired my license of that rule of the maximum of 5 years, I made the exam and i was approved. From category 3 to category 2.

Now instead CR7AKG, i’m CS7AKG!

And Finnaly too, now I can operate without supervision needed.

My New Licenses:

CAN          | |          CEPT Novice

Improved Reception – True Longwire Antenna (HF)

With lot of help from my friend Avelino from Naucom assembled this much better antenna than the last. Advance that the balun was initially made by me with a t130-2, and later improved by Carlos Ladeiras (CT1QP), also from Naucom, with the replacement of the toroid by an t200-6.

Insulator and Fixation
balun isolador



Improved reception – New Antenna Tuner (for reception only)

More an antenna tuner that João Martins offered me this time, handmade by him too, YES he is very ingenious. This is only for receiving and has greater coverage of “impedances”. Or something like that. Just know that is much better with this tuner than with the previous. The only disadvantage of this, is that later I can not has transmit with him …



Improved Reception – Short Wave Antenna (HF)

Lots of help of my colleague, more than that, a great friend, CT1WV, I finally have a short wave antenna. Here I share photos to see how it was. I advance that it is a long wire in spiral with a length of about 4 meters (my available space) and is approximately between 1 and 2 meters away from my apartment.