Concluded TI Operator Course

Passed about 8 months formation with 3 syncronous and 4 assyncronous hours per day, all day of the week, I concluded the TI Operator Course.

A video about what Tourette’s Syndrome is


Here I leave a video I made about Tourette’s Syndrome


More videos I made:

What is Tourette’s Syndrome?

Tourette’s syndrome is a chronic neurological disorder that results in the presence of certain tics, simple or complex, starting before the age of the 18 years. Tics are meaningless, involuntary, rapid, and recurrent movements (motor tics) and vocalizations (vocal tics) out of context.
It’s frequency and intensity are variable. Tourette syndrome is three times more common in men than in women. Tics can persist into adulthood in approximately one percent of children. Tourette’s syndrome was first described in 1885 by French neurologist George Gilles de la Tourette.

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I Know about Cybersecurity

Finished in less than 1 hour an online course about cibersecurity with expected workload of 15 hours.


Occupational Therapy

Empty days, nothing to do, ok… Maybe a few occupational therapy sessions help?

Going to see!

Started with Occupational Therapy at “Espaço dos Sentidos” with therapist Inês, which will take place in Municipal Library of Covilhã.

I liked the envrioment a lot, they even have a dark room with all iluminated optical fibers, water mattress, ball pool. Funny!

Now I’m going to swimming classes too

Approximately 1 month ago ago i thought: today is sunday, nothing to do, gym closed, without english school; I will enroll at the swimming classes! Unfurtunally they are closed at sunday too, but I decided enroll at the same but on another day. As I don’t know how to swim, so decided to enroll myself in the swimming classes. I go every week to the municipal swimming pool in Penedos Altos, here in Covilhã. I’m enjoying a lot, and not only I entretain myself but I learn how to do a thing i never knew: swimming! The water is warm, at least in the swimming pool where the classes are teached, and the staff are friendly.

Signed up in a Gym

This month, I enrolled in a Gym, in order to try to lose some weight. And how I pass the day withou doing anything, I signed up in the Covilhã CityGym. I started to love that, right at first training and I always went oriented.

If you would like to apply also, take advantage now that they are offering 4 weeks and the application fee. And do not forget to mention that who recommended the gym was me …

I was operated to Tourette

After several exams that I had already done and some waiting, they called to inform me that he was going to be operated on Tuesday, and therefore that I would be at Santa Maria Hospital on Sunday, the day that the hospitalization would begin. I then went to Lisbon, to the hospital, and one of the things they did to me before surgery was to shave my whole hair practically.
Honestly I was not very convinced in doing the surgery, but as the tics were getting worse and due to the Tourette Syndrome, I did not have much option.
Now that it’s been about 4 months from the surgery , I’m still more or less the same, but from what doctors say, it’s time consuming not only for my brain to “get used to” the electrodes but also to adjust the “battery”.