Sweatcoin – Walk to earn

Sweatcoin is a free app which rewards your daily steps with a new-generation currency you can spend on cool products or donate to charity.

What is Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a free mobile app that counts your steps and turns them into a digital currency called sweatcoins.

How does it work?

The more you walk, the more you earn. And the more you earn, the more you walk!

Studies show that rewards motivate people to stay active.

What can users do with their sweatcoins?

  • Buy deals, products, and digital offers
  • Bid in high-value auctions (PlayStation 5, GoPro Hero 9)
  • Donate to charities like Save the Children


Now, although not mastered, but know how to speak english, I’m learning German with this wonderful free app. Try it, that is even fun!


After concluded sereral online courses, more than 100 hours formation in total, know now new photography, illuminations, editing, etc… that i didn’t know.

Offering now very affordable photography services:

Passport photos
Interior photography

Photo editing:

Color/tonality enhancement
removal of skin signs and imperfections
Remove red eyes
Body transformation (on photo with white background)
removal of skin wrinkles
Local exposure correction (e.g. brighten a shadow)
Local color/tonality change (e.g. change the color or saturation of a certain object)

Coming Soon:

Event Photography
Photo Sessions

Contact me for more information

Concluded TI Operator Course

Passed about 8 months formation with 3 syncronous and 4 assyncronous hours per day, all day of the week, I concluded the TI Operator Course.

I Know about Cybersecurity

Finished in less than 1 hour an online course about cibersecurity with expected workload of 15 hours.


Occupational Therapy

Empty days, nothing to do, ok… Maybe a few occupational therapy sessions help?

Going to see!

Started with Occupational Therapy at “Espaço dos Sentidos” with therapist Inês, which will take place in Municipal Library of Covilhã.

I liked the envrioment a lot, they even have a dark room with all iluminated optical fibers, water mattress, ball pool. Funny!

Now I’m going to swimming classes too

Approximately 1 month ago ago i thought: today is sunday, nothing to do, gym closed, without english school; I will enroll at the swimming classes! Unfurtunally they are closed at sunday too, but I decided enroll at the same but on another day. As I don’t know how to swim, so decided to enroll myself in the swimming classes. I go every week to the municipal swimming pool in Penedos Altos, here in Covilhã. I’m enjoying a lot, and not only I entretain myself but I learn how to do a thing i never knew: swimming! The water is warm, at least in the swimming pool where the classes are teached, and the staff are friendly.

Signed up in a Gym

This month, I enrolled in a Gym, in order to try to lose some weight. And how I pass the day withou doing anything, I signed up in the Covilhã CityGym. I started to love that, right at first training and I always went oriented.

If you would like to apply also, take advantage now that they are offering 4 weeks and the application fee. And do not forget to mention that who recommended the gym was me …