Overcoming Tourette’s

Today, I want to share with you my story of overcoming and determination, but also of difficult moments when I lost hope.

As some of you may already know, I had to drop out of school early due to Tourette’s, a neurological condition that causes involuntary tics. It was a very difficult time in my life, and there were moments when I thought I would never be able to achieve my dreams.

However, after undergoing surgery that reduced my tics, I decided to pursue a training course in TI, something that I have always enjoyed. And so, I completed another course as a Health Care Assistant, which lasted about 17 months and gave me the equivalent of a high school diploma. Still, I felt that there was much more to be achieved and decided to challenge myself even further.

That’s why I’m working hard to enter university through the mature student route, to study computer engineering, which has always been my dream. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m willing to work hard to achieve this goal. I am certain that with determination and effort, I can overcome any obstacles that come my way.

My story is proof that even in the face of adversity, it is possible to move forward and achieve our goals. Whatever your situation, never lose hope and believe in yourself and your abilities. Remember that you are capable of achieving everything you desire, as long as you work hard and fight for your dreams.

I hope my story can inspire others to never give up on their goals, no matter how difficult it may seem. Believe in yourselves, fight for your dreams, and never lose hope. And for those in a similar situation to mine, with Tourette’s or any other condition, I want to say that you are strong and can achieve anything you desire. Don’t let anything stop you from moving forward and achieving your dreams.